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About Florida Beach Break

Meet the Team


Beachside Marketing was founded in 2022 by Rick Tobin, a commercial real estate broker with a passion for marketing our area.    Rick is a lifelong, second generation Florida resident who loves telling people about our area and supporting local businesses.  Rick is a member of three Chambers of Commerce and founded several large Facebook "Happenings" groups dedicated to promoting Florida's treasures.  Rick also founded several online Directories.  Rick took over ownership of the www.FloridaBeachBreak.com in early 2022, and previously founded www.BeachsideDirectory.com, www.FLBoutiqueHotels.com and www.UsHotelVendors.com    


Many of the articles you'll find on the site were written by Nate Beck.  Nate is a professional writer, photographer and videographer who has lived and traveled around the world. Born in Texas and raised in the Midwest, Nate headed west to California for college and vowed never to be without the ocean again. Surfing became his passion and to this day sitting on a board waiting for a wave is Nate's "happy place."

After college, his work took him to Australia where he lived in the small seaside town of Manly while traveling up and down the coast, surfing and photographing the wonders down under. Then it was off to Europe where Sagres, Portugal was home base as he captured the local beauty of Portugal, Spain and France in photos and words . 

Back in California, he added Lifestyle Editor for a motorcycle magazine to his list of credentials. It was this job that introduced Nate to the Atlantic Coast of Florida. On a multi-day journey from Jacksonville to Key West, Nate stopped on the Space Coast. At that moment he determined that one day he would live here.  That "one day" came to be in September 2020 when Nate purchased a home in Indialantic and began exploring, and sharing on Florida Beach Break, all the amazing experiences and activities the Space Coast has to offer. 

Nate has moved on to pursue other interests and may periodically "pop up" with a new article about some of the Space Coast Happenings.


Stacey began her career in sales and marketing in the early 1980's working for then-aviation-giant Eastern Airlines and transitioned to Continental Airlines when they acquired Eastern Airlines in 1986. While with Continental Airlines, Stacey was a member of the marketing team that created and executed the company's rebranding which is still used today by United Airlines (which merged with Continental in 2010).  

A move to Northwest Airlines in 1990 took Stacey to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she transitioned from working in the airline/travel industry to a Publisher role for a stable of national print magazines serving motorcycle, boating, jetski, atv and snowmobile enthusiasts. There she led the multi-year transition from print-only products to the introduction and addition of websites and online content for the company's dozens of publications; a feat for which she earned an Innovation Award from the publishing industry's association. 

Having always wanted to live oceanside and never having had the chance, when COVID hit in 2020 it was a wake-up call for Stacey. The winters in Minnesota are long and cold. Though there are 10,000 lakes in the state, there are no waves or sandy beaches.  It was time she followed her "one day dream" before it was too late to do so.  After researching California from San Diego to San Francisco, all the coastal spots in North and South Carolina and Gulf Coast towns from Texas to South Florida, it was the Space Coast of Florida that resonated with Stacey.  

Stacey has been featured in: 


As Stacey was researching the Space Coast to determine if she wanted to move here, she was surprised at how difficult it was to find the information she was looking for. When she dug deep into the pages of Google Search there were several different websites with a little bit of this information and a little bit of that information about the Space Coast, but there wasn't that one definitive resource for everything to do for fun. 

The Space Coast is an outdoor playground for adults like no other. If you wanted to, you could do an activity each day for three months and never repeat what, where or who you do it with! 

But why should you have to go to multiple websites to find all of these activities? The answer is, you shouldn't. And that is the mission of Florida Beach Break --  to help vacationers uncover Florida’s relatively unknown beach towns so they can enjoy a fun, affordable and purpose-filled holiday while helping small businesses recover from lost tourism revenue due to Covid.

Stacy has written several books including the 2022 Insider's Guide to Florida's Space Coast (find it on Amazon).

Stacy's has moved on from her leadership role at www.FloridaBeachBreak.com to pursue other interests and we hope she'll continue as a trusted advisor.


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