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Posted on 12/02/2020 in Things to Do

Do You Have What it Takes? Experience a Navy SEAL Replica Obstacle Course at SEAL Museum

Do You Have What it Takes? Experience a Navy SEAL Replica Obstacle Course at SEAL Museum

 Highly respected. Internationally feared. Humans trained to be the most deadly fighting force on the planet. They are invisible until it is too late. They live in shadows, blend into crowds, speak multiple languages and are versed in multiple fighting styles. Hot weather doesn’t bother them. Sub zero temperatures do not phase them. Who are these people? You’ll never know as their true identities are shrouded behind the veil of being a US Navy SEAL.

The United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land teams are the Navy’s strongest special operations force and make up part of the Naval Special Warfare Command. SEAL’s are trained to conduct small-unit, specialized missions to kill or capture high level targets behind enemy lines in any environment including jungle, desert, sea, mountains and urban settings.  SEAL’s are so deadly they are sought out by the CIA’s highly secretive and elite Special Operations Group for joint operation missions.

While most of the Navy SEAL’s operations are highly classified, there is a place where you can immerse yourself into their world. The National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum is located in Fort Pierce, FL. While having a national museum and memorial to such an elite force in a small sleepy beach town seems random, it is actually placed there for a reason. In June 1943 Lieutenant Commander Kauffman, “The Father of Naval Combat Demolition” set up a school for Naval Demolition and established NCDU (Naval Combat Demolition Units) training at Fort Pierce in preparation for D-Day. In April 1944, NCDU’s were deployed to England to ready for the amphibious landing at Normandy. The NCDU’s and UDT’s (Underwater Demolition Team) played a massive role in the success of D-Day, in the remainder of the World War II, and furthermore in Korea. Years later, faced with the unconventional  guerrilla warfare style of the Viet Cong, the Navy needed to solidify their role within the special operations area and in March 1961 formally established the Navy SEAL’s as guerrilla and counter-guerrilla units. While the SEAL’s moved their home to Naval Amphibious Base Coronado in San Diego, their history is honored with the National UDT-SEAL museum in Fort Pierce, where it all began.

The National UDT-SEAL Museum is split up into multiple rooms focusing on Modern Day, Vietnam/Korea, and WWII before heading outside to view the SEAL’s amphibious craft’s throughout history. While some museums rely on replica’s, you will find no replica’s here. In fact, there are an impressive number of combat retired pieces from famous events such as Black Hawk Down. 

Not only are you able to view a Black Hawk helicopter flown in the combat missions in Mogadishu, Somalia, but you are able to experience history and climb inside. 

 Many of the weapons used by SEAL’s over time are also on display as well as their gear for both land and sea. After making your way through the UDT-SEAL history inside, you venture outside to view some of the vessels used throughout their history. Similarly to the helicopter, you are able to climb aboard a few of them and immerse yourself into a small fraction of their world. 

If you’re looking to test your physicality, there is a replica SEAL obstacle course similar to the one used during SEAL training that is intense enough to require a signed waiver.

On your way out, there is a small beach access in the parking lot to walk out across the sand and view the place where this brave and elite fighting force began.

The museum lives up to their motto “If you got any closer you would have to enlist.” and is a must stop when visiting the Space Coast. 

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