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Posted on 02/18/2021 in Water Sports

Getting Florida Fishing License to Fish in Sebastian Inlet

Getting Florida Fishing License to Fish in Sebastian Inlet

Sebastian Inlet is a prime spot to fish in Melbourne Beach Florida as it has saltwater and freshwater fisheries galore. With an incredible variety of species to catch, it is no wonder anglers from far off places travel to this spot for their fishing adventures. All you need is to grab your reels and rods to begin this adventure. 

Of course, to fish anywhere, you need to have a proper license. Every state has its own set of requirements, costs, and types of licenses. To make your trip memorable, here is all you need to know about the Florida fishing license and Sebastian Inlet.  

Requirements for Florida Fishing License 

All Florida residents between the ages of 16 and 65 and nonresidents over 16 years of age require a license to fish in Florida. Even if you are helping someone fish by setting up gears and baiting the hook, you still need a valid fishing license. 

There are certain exceptions to this age requirement. For instance, if you are fishing on a licensed fishing pier or saltwater fishing charter, you don’t need a license. Moreover, some groups don’t require a fishing license. These groups are as follows:

    Florida residents who have severe disabilities are allowed to fish free of cost using a Florida Resident Disabled Person Hunting and Fishing License. 

    All military personnel are permitted to fish free of charge for a month when visiting home.

    Florida residents who are receiving food stamps or benefits are allowed to do saltwater land-based fishing without requiring a license.

    Florida residents can obtain a shoreline fishing license free of cost that allows them to do saltwater species fishing from lands or structures linked to the land. 

Individuals eligible to do fishing without a license must show proof to the coast guard. 

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Types and Cost of Fishing License in Sebastian Inlet, FL

When fishing in Sebastian inlet, the Florida fishing requirements and regulations must be followed. Keep in mind; you need a valid license even if you are fishing along with the charter captain. It is wise to purchase both a saltwater and freshwater license to ensure you are legally fishing. 

The cost of a Florida fishing license is dependent on whether you are a resident or an out-of-state visitor. Here are the types of Florida fishing license and the fee for both nonresidents and residents:

How to Purchase the Florida Fishing License 

It is a quick and straightforward process to get a Florida fishing license to fish in Sebastian inlet. Here are a few ways you can purchase the license:

    Buying the Florida fishing license online

    Calling the toll-free number - 888-347-4356

    Getting the license in person by visiting the tax collector’s office or a license agent. Currently the Brevard County Tax Collector is directing people to purchase the Florida fishing license online but you can purchase a fishing license at Whitey's. 

The money you pay to get the license goes to the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) to keep Sebastian Inlet and other fisheries sustainable and healthy to ensure you and your fellow anglers can truly enjoy your fishing adventures. 

What to Fish for at Sebastian Inlet 

While several of the species of fish are catchable year-round, there are certain some months that are better than others when fishing for a certain type of fish. Here's a quick cheat-sheet to you help you out. 

To learn more about all the recreational activities in Sebastian Inlet, click here.

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