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Posted on 07/07/2022 in Other

Florida, the Top Relocation State

Florida, the Top Relocation State

More Americans dream of moving to Florida than other states, according to Coldwell Banker, and a high percentage of Florida residents won’t search for a home elsewhere.

According to Coldwell Banker’s Move Meter, a tool designed to show Americans’ moving goals, Florida is not only a top destination searched by out-of-staters, but few Floridians looking for a new home gaze beyond the state’s borders.

Overall, 82% of all Move Meter searches to date were looking to move out of state:

Midwesterners and Northeasterners are looking for warmer temps in the Southeast (38% vs 46%); Southeasterners, Southwesterners and Westerners all had higher likelihoods of staying local to their respective regions.

Where to move?
The #1 state topping the Move Meter interest index was Florida with one out of seven of all Move Meter searches looking to move to the Sunshine State.
— The top states looking to soak up the Florida sun included New Jersey, California, New York, Illinois, Ohio and Massachusetts. The Florida cities that held the most interest are Sarasota, Miami, Naples and Tampa.
— Floridians also see the state’s appeal, and it’s one of the top states for residents searching for other metro areas within their home state. 
For Californians considering an out-of-state move, the top destinations were Texas, Florida, Tennessee and Washington.
Destination dreams: The top 10 searched cities included Austin; Sarasota, Florida; San Diego; Denver; Nashville, Tennessee; Tampa, Florida; New York; Naples, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Seattle. 

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